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To Donate Up To 1,000,000 Protein-Packed, Nutrient Enriched Hotcakes A Day, Every Day to Starving Children All Over The World. 

It is no secret among us that people go hungry in this world. It is also no secret that over 300 million children go hungry every day, foreign and domestic but what may surprise you is that over 25,000 Children die every single day due to malnutrition.

That’s right, you now cannot unknow this fact, that by the time you fall asleep tonight, 25,000 children will have literally starved to death.

Heartbreaking doesn’t begin to describe this terror. Think about that the next time you are in a buffet line.

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QUESTION: Is having a dream, a right or a privilege? 

Do you know what makes America wealthy in the first place?

Take a guess before reading the answer below. 


Are you ready for the answer? Here it is…

It is because of our… Soil! Yup, that’s right. Our dirt. If you have money in your bank account today, you can thank the soil 
which you currently stand-on. 


Ya see, when you don’t have to worry about where your next meal comes from, it completely frees up all your time, energy and focus to pursue bigger dreams because you don’t have to worry about feeding yourself. Yet, we have people who insist on making fun of the “Fly Over States” because it’s nothing but hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of square miles of nothing but… Food!


What would Africa give to have 1/10th of 1% of that?

These children do not have the privilege of having a dream. Why? Because every single day, their entire focus is on survival. How are they going to feed themselves that day and obtain water? It’s what they think about the night before and the morning of. Unlike us, we wake up with a clear vision of what we want to accomplish for the day and when hunger comes knocking, we simply stroll 20 feet into our kitchen and satisfy that gnawing feeling in a matter of minutes… Then it’s right back to putting our laser focus on our goals.
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If you don’t believe us, we offer you a challenge… right here, right now. Fast for 24 hours. No food, no water at all. Not a drop or a crumb. See how long it takes before your entire focus becomes about wanting to eat or drink. See how you feel at hour 20.
Also, if you accept this challenge your compassion will skyrocket through the roof. If you are thinking right now… “No way, I would never do that.” “Or, that does not sound like fun” Then, why would you expect our children to go through this every single day while we shop for our 4th or 5th car? Children worldwide are our children.

This is why we are committed to being able to donate 1,000,000 Protein-Packed, Nutrient-Enriched Hotcakes a day to starving children, all over the world.


A Colorado 501C3 Non-Profit Charitable Foundation

Eliminating Child Starvation One Hotcake at a Time!!!